Take Back (2020)
Take Back (2020)

Take Back (2020)

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Cast: Michael Jai White / Gllian White / James Russo / Mickey Rourke

Sara Taylor is a pillar of the community, along with her loving husband, Brian, and teenage step-daughter, Audrey. One night she stops to pick up groceries and walks into a two-man robbery with a kid held at knifepoint. Using her martial arts skills, she thwarts both perps. Nationwide news coverage of Sara’s heroics follows. A week later, a nervous-looking woman, Nancy, shows up at Sara’s office. After seeing the news, she wants to confirm Sara’s identity—she calls her “Kate”—citing their shared past. Sara denies ever knowing Nancy and asks her to leave.

Soon after, Sara is home alone, when a man in a Gas Company uniform breaks in—but Sara proves a far deadlier force. Afterwards, Detective Ty Chalmers questions a shaken Sara, who denies knowing the dead intruder. Chalmers scans the intruder’s rap sheet: based in a large city, an extensive vice record—but no previous B&E. Something more intriguing stands out: his connection to a sex trafficking ring, although he was never convicted. Following the home invasion, Sara becomes distracted and distant from her family. Chalmers soon discovers that Sara was born Kate Feller, but legally changed her name seven years earlier. He learns that she filed a police report in the same city that appears on the dead intruder’s rap sheet. Chalmers listens to a former colleague’s description of her encounter with Kate Feller years earlier. Several brief flashbacks reveal a bloody and wounded wraith who collapsed the moment she took her first step into the police station and was rushed to a hospital. When she regained consciousness, she insisted that she’d been held as a sex slave with a dozen other women in an abandoned warehouse, and killed two brothers, Jack and Lance Devlin, who ran the ring. But when she led the cops to the warehouse, it was empty and scrubbed. Potvin tried to do a follow-up with Kate, but she disappeared.

Sara delivers legal documents to her client, Jerry Walker, at his gold mine restoration in progress. The same afternoon, Brian and Audrey are heading home after school, when two SUVS suddenly roar up behind them, sending Brian careening off the deserted country road. Audrey tries to run, but thugs quickly subdue the girl and haul her away. Brian is knocked unconscious. Sara returns to her law office to find three men lying in wait for her. Once again, she successfully defends herself. She learns from the last man conscious that a man named Patrick sent them. Meanwhile, Patrick (introduced briefly earlier in the story) hovers over Audrey, who is bound on a dirty mattress in one of the cells under the animal shelter. He explains to the distraught girl that there is no escape—and that only Sara is to blame for putting her in this situation.

Outside Brian’s hospital room, Chalmers informs a desperate Sara that his officers are scouring the town for Audrey. Despite his attempts, Sara refuses to discuss her past with the detective. On the ride home from the hospital, with Brian demanding answers, Sara pulls over and confesses: she was kidnapped while on a date in law school, then subjected to months of rape in Jack and Lance’s warehouse. Sara managed to escape only after killing—or so she thought—both brothers. After the police found nothing at the warehouse, Kate was sure her life was in jeopardy from people involved in Jack’s operation. Sara was afraid Brian wouldn’t love her if he knew even part of her past. His reaction is deepened tension between them. Later, after Brian appears to fall asleep, Sara calls Nancy. After arriving at the address Nancy provided, Sara is accosted by two thugs. Nancy confesses that when she befriended Sara in Jack and Lance’s hell house she was working as a “bottom,” eavesdropping and spying on the other girls. Before Sara is forced into a waiting car, Brian, who followed Sara, surprises the men, knocking both of them out. Sara calls Patrick/Jack and they agree to exchange Nancy for Audrey.

Nancy admits to Sara that she’s lived in fear of Jack/Patrick since she was kidnapped as a runaway years earlier. Patrick promised to finally let Nancy go if she helped bring in Sara. The next morning, Patrick’s thugs arrive with Audrey at a rendezvous point not far from Jerry’s gold mine restoration. Sara tells them that Nancy is down the road with Brian. After the exchange is made, Brian takes off for Jerry’s cabin. But when they arrive, Patrick and his men ambush them (thanks to a tracker they’d placed on Sara’s car weeks earlier). As Sara races to rejoin her family, the SUV carrying Nancy blocks her car, with multiple guns pointed at her. They transport Sara to Jerry’s cabin, but on their approach, she attacks them, causing the truck to veer off into the woods and crash. Nancy appears to be dead. Sara races to the mining town, with Patrick and his men in pursuit. Despite being severely outmanned and outgunned, Sara still proves herself a capable opponent, picking off Patrick’s men one by one in the underground mine. Distracted by the melee outside, the thugs guarding Brian and Jerry are taken out by their captives. In the final showdown, Sara and Patrick face off; for him, this is all about avenging Lance. A dazed Nancy shows up, gun aimed at Patrick, who shoots and kills her before she can do the same to him. In their ensuing struggle, Sara manages to gain the upper hand and is about to dispatch Patrick when she sees Brian running towards her. She and Brian turn a disarmed Patrick over to a liberated van load of kidnapped young woman – their tormentors’ fate to be determined.