Reversed (2015)
Reversed (2015)

Reversed (2015)

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A thrilling new experience in experimental noir, inspired by the sensual and violent world of the Italian giallo film.

Reversed tells the twisted tale of Asia, a globe-trotting socialite who winds up involved in murder, sex, and mayhem. Is someone really after her, or is she completely delusional and paranoid? Exploring the bloody back-story through her three lovers, Asia’s tale of eroticism and violence is a twisting journey through a disturbed and passionate mind that will leave the viewer thinking back on it long after the film has finished.

Country of Origin: Italy/ English

Language: English

Sub-Titles: English/ Italian

Year Produced: 2015

Director: Vince D'Amato

Cast: Victoria Hopkins, Jade Parker, Zoe Wellman, Dan Richardson, Cengiz Dervis