Odissea Della Morte (2018)

Odissea Della Morte (2018)

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An erotic and surreal odyssey of violence...

(Odyssey of the Dead) - An erotic and surreal odyssey of violence... A young man accused of his ex-girlfriend’s murder. Before he’s formally charged by the police, he sets out on a two-day odyssey to find the real killer – tracking down his leads from the backseat of a rented limousine; which allows him to converse and ponder class society, life in the city, and contemplate the dirt that runs in the small nooks and valleys of cosmopolitan life. Two-thirds of the way through this wildly kinetic and erotic film, the style switches to a contemporary, wordless, operatic imagery of sex and violence. 

Country of Origin: Canada/ Italy

Language/ Sub-Titles: English 

Year Produced: 2018

Director: Vince D'Amato

Cast: Tristan Risk, Momona Komagata, Jessie Crabbe, Lynn Lowry, Jesse Inocalla