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Short synopsis:

Two highly unqualified men, Carlson and Lavender, are thrown together as live-in guardians of a 200-year-old house. What at first seems like an easy job is soon shown to be anything but, when the house comes under attack from unseen forces. 

Long synopsis:

The East-end of London, an area with a chequered past and an uncertain future. Carlson and Lavender, two dispirate people who are thrown together to look after a 200-year-old townhouse. At first, these ill-suited men only have to deal with each other, but it soon becomes clear that there is more to this old house than meets the eye. Noises, shadows, strange apparitions all point to the house being watched. But by whom? Ghosts? Intruders? Sex fiends? Whoever it is, these two idiots are not equipped to deal with it!


Cast: Matt Prendergast, David Whitney, Hattie Hayridge

Producer: Frederic Fournier

Director: Mark AC Brown

Genre: Dark comedy

Year of production: 2017

Status: Complete

Runtime: 84 mins

Language: English