Glam Metal Detectives (1995)

Glam Metal Detectives (1995)

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Sketch show that had the effect that you were channel surfing, with each sketch being a spoof programme on different fake channels. Regular items included Colin Corleone - a man who thought he was The Godfather, a 1950's serial 'Betty's Mad Dash', an American talk show, movie paradies, plus the eponymic Glam Metal Detectives who would fight crime and play sell-out concerts every week. You'd dip in and out of these and other sketches as if you were hopping around different TV channels.

Cast: Phil Cornwell / Sara Stockbridge / Doon Mackichan / David Schneider / Keith Allen

Director: Peter Richardson

7 Episodes:

  • One of Us Is a Robot
  • Splat
  • The Abominable Drummer
  • Never Never Land
  • Give Me Your Money
  • The Cat, the Witch & the Microwave: Part 1
  • The Cat, the Witch & the Microwave: Part 2