Deadly Crush (2018)
Deadly Crush (2018)
Deadly Crush (2018)

Deadly Crush (2018)

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True love never dies!

A small-town sheriff (William Sadler) and an ex-priest (Courtney Gains) team up to protect a resident artist (Aria London) from an obsessive rapist and the malevolent ghost of a murder victim – only to have her resist their efforts when she finds herself falling in love with the seductive ghost (Dakota Aesquivel). Following several erotic spectal-sexual encounters, she abandons the town, the sheriff, and the ex-priest, and finds herself on the run with her ghost-lover after the rapist is found dead in her cabin.

The only problem with her new liberating sexually-charged relationship is that her ghost-lover may be hiding his own violent past, even from her. 

Country of Origin: USA

Language/ Sub-Titles: English

Year Produced: 2018

Director: Dakota Aesquivel

Cast: William Sadler, Courtney Gains, Aria London, James O'Halloran, Murisa Habra, Judy Tenuta