Day of the Stranger (2019)

Day of the Stranger (2019)

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Saddle up for the ultra-violent, satanic, and psychedelically weird Wild West!

A bounty retrieval gone wrong sees gun for hire Caine Farrowood face his toughest challenge yet as he faces a mysterious stranger who holds the key to the truth of his fate. The only British guerrilla-shot homage to the short-lived, acid-western sub-genre of the counter-cultural era ever made promises a kaleidoscope of blood, guns, satanic nymphs and psychedelic frenzy!

Director: Tom Lee Rutter

Cast: Dale Sheppard, Gary Baxter, Maryam Forouhandeh, Richard Rowbotham, James E. Taylor. James Underwood, Bazz Hancher and special guest star, Gary Shail.

Runtime: 78 mins

Genre: Drama/ Western / Fantasy

Year Produced: 2019

Language: English

Subtitle Language: English

Country of Origin: UK