Carmilla (2004)

Carmilla (2004)

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Based on the book by J. Sheridan LeFanu.

The original “Vampires vs. Zombies” cult classic! When young heroine Jenna Fontaine falls victim to a strange vampiric plague, causing all sorts of wild hallucinations, she takes off with her father Travis to seek out and eradicate the source of the vile infection… But Carmilla has other plans for Jenna… And soon they’ll find themselves facing off against Catholic school-girl zombies, cannibals, demon nuns, and the ferocious vampire locked Travis’s own trunk! …All while Carmilla is slowly seducing Jenna’a body and soul!

A new take on the Le Fanu classic, complete with surreal plot twists and a wild splatter-punk finale to compliment the original erotic storyline and apocalyptic backdrop in this totally off-the-wall horror-action-comic vampire-lesbian story!

Directed by: Vince D’Amato (Glass; The Valley of the Rats), Starring: Brinke Stevens (Slumber Party Massacre; Body Double), Maritama Carlson, and Bonny Giroux (Burlesque sensation Bon-Bon Bombay).

Country of Origin: USA/ Canada

Language/ Sub Titles: English 

Year Produced: 2004

Director: Vince D'Amato

Cast: Bonny Giroux, Maritama Carlson, Brinke Stevens