BeShoot (2019)
BeShoot (2019)

BeShoot (2019)

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Based on a true story. Two fighters of 'Donbas' Volunteer Battalion get locked inside city of Ilovaysk after regular Russian army enters Ukraine and shells the surrounded divisions of Ukrainian Army in the infamous would-be 'green corridor'. The fighters survive thanks to the help of the locals and manage to break out through the front line to reach the freed territory. Taras Kostanchuk who is playing himself as 'Beshoot' is that same Donbas commander who is the prototype of the story. Half of the actors and extras are real 'Donbas' volunteers who survived the battle.

Cast: Serhiy Detyuk / Oleg Drach / Serhiy Dziyalyk

Writer: Mykhaylo Brynykh

Producer: Svitlana Solovyova

Director: Ivan Tymchenko

Genre: Modern War

Year: 2019

Status: Complete

Runtime: 120 mins

Language: Ukranian / Russian

Country of Production: Ukraine