Here and Now (aka Blue Night)
Here and Now (aka Blue Night)

Here and Now (aka Blue Night)

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Vivienne (Sarah Jessica Parker), a world-famous singer lives her life for herself and for her art. After she receives news that shatters her world and jolts her to her core, Vivienne finds herself lost and alone in a city she once knew so well. Still reeling from the shock, she must continue to prepare for an upcoming world tour, navigate her relationships and familial obligations, and reflect on her life's successes and failures, all the while trying to find a private moment to share with others the news she has received from the doctor. With the weight of that bearing down on her, we see Vivienne grapple to make peace with the city around her and those who inhabit it, as a chance encounter with an unlikely friend ultimately helps her come to terms with her new reality.

Cast: Sarah Jessica Parker, Renée Zelwegger, Common, Jacqueline Bissett

Producer: Allison Benson, Monika Bacardi, Andrea Iervolino

Writer: Laura Eason (House of Cards)

Director: Fabien Constant

Genre: Drama / Romance

Year of Production: 2018

Status: Complete

Runtime: 91 minutes

Language: English